Integrated and Meaningful Research Initiatives towards Sustainable Development of the Maritime, Transport, and Logistics Sector.


ISFIRE Working Paper Series

ISSN 2454-5597 working paper series for research chapters, articles, notes, reviews under submission.

IIRE Journal of Maritime Research and Development

Journal (ISSN 2456-7035) for Maritime and Allied sectors with blind peer review process.

Thesis Library

Platform for scholars for presenting their thesis in a digital format for wider reach.


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Compensation & Benefits Survey & Report

Indian Seafaring Officers: Compensation and Benefits Survey Report is released by IIRE annually since 2009.

Survey of Maritime Training Institutes (MTIs): India

Survey to formally identify institutes that deliver quality education and training in India.

Global Seafaring Human Resource Report - 2019

The first global seafaring human resource report of 2009 available online.

Salary Survey

Salary Survey designed and conducted for companies operating in the maritime industry.

Other Research Initiatives

International Maritime Research Confluence

Biennial Symposium towards the sustainable development goals with the industry and academia.

Global surveys web portal

Ingeniously developed web-based portal for conducting global surveys and research.

Other works

IIRE’s research work for the industry and its patrons.


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IIRE is the education and research wing of Inner Search Foundation a division of ISF Group