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In 2013, ISF Group established a research institute: ISF Institute of Research and Education (IIRE). IIRE is a non-profit unit of the ISF Group dedicated to developing and delivering integrated educational and research programs. IIRE is actively involved in research programs and benchmarking surveys for the Maritime Industry. IIRE has also published peer reviewed journals, working paper series, white papers, training materials, and application notes.


"Education Supports Manifestation of the Perfection Already In Man" - Swami Vivekananda.

From a spiritual perspective, a human being is a perfect being though ignorant of this perfection. The goal of human life is to realize this perfection. 'Research' on the other hand implies that something is being re-searched; which already existed; perhaps was obscure to the human being or the society.

IIRE has been established to facilitate education and research in diverse fields of natural science, earth science, technology, management, life science, holistic health, human sciences, social science, formal and applied science.

The intention of IIRE is also to create integrated educational and research programmes which enhance the capability, productivity and employment potential of individuals in their respective fields.In line with the goals of its parent body "Inner Search Foundation", IIRE is committed to support individuals in exploring the inner realm of human life and its purpose, while supporting them to lead a better worldly life through enhanced employment and earning potential.


The aims and objectives of the Institute are to provide education and conduct research on various areas of knowledge. It aspires to facilitate the process of learning, knowing and enhancing capabilities of individuals and society so that they can experience and realize their full potential.

The major objectives of the Institute are:

  • To conduct management education programmes for various fields.
  • To conduct short and long duration education programmes for enchantment of technical and work skills.
  • To analysis the changing work dynamics and needs of society and address these changes through education and training.
  • To conduct research work on various areas of knowledge mentioned
  • To promote co-operative ventures and relations between research scholars and institutions in India and abroad.
  • To embark on activities/projects which are beneficial for the development and welfare of the society.
  • To carry out training for advanced diploma, degrees and doctorate award.


To promote enhanced knowledge in all walks of life through research and education, for facilitating progressive, balanced, and sustainable improvement in overall quality of life, and to help individual and society to realize their full potential.


  •   iireresearch@isfgroup.in
  •    +91 22 42951727
  • 410, 4th Floor, Gemstar Commercial Complex,
  • Ramchandra Lane Extension, Off. link road,
  • Malad (West), Mumbai-400 064, Maharashtra.

IIRE is the education and research wing of Inner Search Foundation a division of ISF Group