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12 Personality Characteristics
A Brief Description:
Extensive work by a team comprising of a psychologist, human resource professionals and counsellors is done to build a personality test as a comprehensive measure of the basic factors underlying normal adult personality. Team identified various personality factors and classified them in twelve categories. After extensive research and reviewing existing personality tests a multiple choice question bank is developed. The test is validated over a period of one year on adult population form different walks of life. After validation the test is converted into a web based test after pilot runs of three months it is finally included in ISF Maritime’s isp e learning website and is assigned to various user and companies. Since then to present time (6th June 2014) 1128 users have used this tool. The 12 Personality Characteristics (12 PC) is a questionnaire that assesses the whole domain of human personality. It measures levels of:

  1. Warmth
  2. Emotional Stability
  3. Shrewd
  4. Openness to Change
  5. Socially Precise
  6. Reasoning
  7. Dominance
  8. Rule-Consciousness
  9. Practical
  10. Self Assured
  11. Group Orientation
  12. Reaction Mode

Maritime Resource Management for Pilipino Seafarers
A Brief Description:
In the recent times with technological enhancement there is a marked improvement in ship structure; systems have become more reliable and sophisticated. However, these improvements have failed to translate into safety. Maritime safety is a prominently a human issue. Various studies highlights that human error is the major cause of all ship related incidents and accidents. Human error contributes to 84.88 percent of tanker accidents, 79 percent of towing vessel groundings, almost 96 percent of collisions and 75 percent of fires and explosions on ships. The only way to reduce maritime casualties is to address human related issues.


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IIRE is the education and research wing of Inner Search Foundation a division of ISF Group