Publication's Guidlines

ISFIRE Working Paper Series (ISFIREWPS)
Working Papers is typically a work which in progress. The working paper series of ISFIRE provides a platform for authors in various disciples to publish their research/book chapters, academic articles, reviews/notes which are under submission, or forthcoming elsewhere.
  • ISFIRE Working Paper series has a standard format for contents of working papers.
  • Papers can be downloaded from ISFIRE site by individuals, for their own use after registering on IIRE website in few simple steps.
  • The copyright of working papers remains with the author of the paper, the Publisher of ISFIRE does not hold right of copyright permissions for Working Paper Series.
  • Comments on papers or questions about their content can be posted on forum on IIRE website as well as can be sent directly to the author, at his or her email address.
  • Publication of any paper in ISFIRE working paper series does not prevent simultaneous or subsequent publication somewhere else or in some other working papers series.
  • Authors can publish their work by sending their paper to or by registering in a few simple steps and uploading paper on IIRE website.
  • Downloadable copies of Working Papers will remain on the site.
IIRE Journal of Maritime & Logistics Management (IJMLM)
IIRE Journal of Science & Technology (IJST)
IJST is a biannual technical journal which welcomes high quality theoretical and empirical research papers, case studies, review papers, analytical and simulation models and technical notes. It publishes work in areas of Engineering Research and their application including Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Electronics, and Mathematics etc. It is dedicated to provide information on the latest trends and developments in these ever-expanding and life changing subjects. We welcome and encourage students to use IJST for enhancing their analytical and research aptitude.
Author Guidelines
# Paper Format (PDF)
# Copyright Form (PDF)
Reviewer Guidelines
Reviewers for Engineering Journal submittals are selected by the editor based on the subject matter. The pool of reviewers consists of experienced industry professionals as well as individuals with relevant credentials who have expressed interest in reviewing papers. Reviewer composes review in a constructive manner and while doing so he/she follows following guidelines:
  • Does this work/paper present substantially new information or new treatment of existing knowledge?
  • Is the paper has any potential value to practicing engineers and fabricators?
  • Is the paper of probable interest and likely service to readers of the Engineering Journal?
  • Does the title adequately describe the paper?
  • Does paper has a clear objective?
  • Is the paper technically correct and professionally sound?
  • Is the paper clear and concise?
  • Are topics discussed in logical order?
  • Are there adequate references? Are all references relevant to the paper? Are all relevant references presented?
Guidelines for Rating Paper
Excellent: The technical content of the paper is exceptionally comprehensive and well-presented. Objective of the paper is very clear; all sections of the paper are very well balanced and all the relevant references are present.
Good: The technical content of the paper is correct and concise. Presentation of objective and al the topics are logical. Reference section is acceptable.
Average: The technical content of the paper is acceptable and the presentation of information is reasonably clear and concise. Style and editorial issues are minor and the paper requires minor author revisions.
Below average: The technical content of the paper is of marginal quality and/or the presentation of information requires substantial rework. Style and editorial issues are numerous. The paper requires substantial reworking by the authors.
Poor: The technical content of the paper is weak and/or the presentation of information is confusing or incomplete. The paper and underlying research require substantial reworking by the authors
Guidelines for publication recommendation
Accept: The paper in its current format may be published with/without minor editing.
Accept with comments: : The paper should be published, but the authors should address a few technical issues prior to publication. The technical issues are minor and may be verified by the editor without further technical review
Revise and resubmit: The paper topic is suitable for publication, but it requires significant reworking prior to publication. The paper will be re-reviewed to ensure the comments have been adequately addressed.
Decline: The technical content of the paper is not suitable for publication, the topic is outside of the scope of the journal, or the presentation and/or organization demonstrates minimal understanding of journal standards.