Broad Areas of IIRE Functioning

IIRE shall take up research and educational activities in the broad areas of:

1. Natural Science

a. Physical Science
i. Physics
ii. Chemistry
b. Earth Science
i. Ecology
ii. Oceanography
iii. Geology
iv. Meteorology
c. Life science
i. Biology
ii. Zoology
iii. Human Biology
iv. Botany

2. Social Sciences
a. Anthropology
b. Communication
c. Criminology
d. Cultural Studies
e. Economics
f. Education
g. Environment h. History
h. Human Geography
i. International Relations
j. Internet
k. Law
l. Linguistics
m. Media
n. Politics
o. Psychology
p. Social Psychology
q. Social Work
r. Sociology
s. Philosophy
t. Religious Studies
u. History
3. Formal Sciences

a. Decision Theory
b. Logic
c. Mathematics
d. Statistics
e. Systems Theory
f. Theoretical Computer Science

4. Applied Science
5. Engineering and Technology
a. Mechanical
b. Civil
c. Chemical
d. Computers
e. Information Technology (IT)/Information Science(IS)
f. Electrical/EEE
g. Electronics/ECE
h. Electronics & Telecommunication
i. Production/Industrial Engineering & Management
j. Biomedical/Medical Electronics
k. Instrumentation
l. Automobile
m. Aeronautical
n. Bio-Technology
o. Textile
p. Marine

6. Management

a. Human Resource Management
b. Operations/Production Management
c. Strategic Management
d. Marketing Management
e. Maritime and Logistics Management
f. Financial Management
g. Information Technology Management
h. General Management

7. Holistic Health

a. Diet and Nutrition
b. Physical Exercise
c. Psychotherapy
d. relationship
e. counseling
f. Complementary and Alternative Therapies

8. Arts

a. Dance
b. Design and Applied Arts
c. Drama and Theatre Arts
d. Fine Arts and Studio Arts
e. Musical Arts
f. Photography, Film and Video